Sourcing High Cost Performance Products

  • With office located in ShenZhen, Lightmall selects the best products at unbeatable prices for our respected customers all over the world. We source and collect high cost performance products from the best and most reputed manufacturers throughout China and price our products competitively so that you can shop online with confidence in the comfort of you home or office.

Processing Your Order Promptly

  • At the moment you finish placing your order, our employees at Foxbuying start to process your order without any delay. From review the details of your order to checking anything that might extend processing time, we make sure everything runs smoothly with your order.

Testing Your Products Strictly

  • Even if our suppliers are all trustworthy, we still examine each product you order to assure the quality. We have strict QC SOPs for different kinds of products, which meets global quality standards. From the fabric to tailoring, from embellishments to accessories, we won’t miss any step.

Packing Your Products Carefully

  • Before each product is shipped off, Foxbuying always inspects if there is any design or manufacturing defect carefully. Then, the product is packed elaborately in order to keep intact during the shipping process. Finally, it's out the door in safe hands with our trusted and verified couriers.

Tracking Your Products Conveniently

  • Once your product leaves our doors, we are still ready to help you at any time. We track your shipments and are available to answer your questions by live chat or leaving a message. No matter what the issue is, we're always ready to serve you.